XS-Plus Nymph Line DT2/5NL

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Like the Thistledown, this is also a single “Uni-weight” fly line with a mono core. It is a floating line designed specifically with river nymphing in mind. It boasts a short 6ft front taper, reducing to a fine 0.55mm diameter tip. The long, level belly is similarly slim at 0.65mm diameter throughout, before the matching 6ft back taper makes it fully reversible. Both tapers are high-viz Orange color for optimum visibility and “fine take” detection and feel. The reversible double taper line is 75ft in length and is micro-looped at both ends for finesse and immediate use.

While this line may not perform in casting like a conventional weight forward, when used on a long light rod, one can achieve incredible control at range and with long tapered leaders whether “light nymphing,” “Juan Style” with dries or short range “Czech-nymphing,” the control and sensitivity that can be achieved is extreme! With a long fine leader, it is possible to present a fly at a range of up to 40ft with no fly line on the water whatsoever. Control of Tenkara proportions perhaps, but with a feel for even greater diversity, control, and casting where required. Using this line can be an art but in the right hands, extreme finesse and induced take methods can be applied for incredible success on the most difficult and wary of fish.

Bottle of Line Slick included.

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