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Onyx Cassette Fly Reels 5/7 / Black Fly Reels
Onyx Cassette Fly Reels Fly Reels
Onyx Cassette Fly Reels 5/7 / Gunmetal Silver Fly Reels
Onyx Cassette Fly Reels Fly Reels

Onyx Cassette Fly Reels

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Cassette Spool form offers the convenience of a quick-change cassette system, coupled with the cost savings of multiple spare spools. The cassette spools are molded in a flexible poly-carbonate which allows them to flex rather than crack under extreme strain. The generous backing capacity makes these reels ideal for both river fishing and small still waters. Also available in a kit comprising of a reel plus 3 spare cassette spools in a neat reel/spool bag.


  • CNC machine finished, die-cast aluminum frame and spool
  • Large arbor design
  • Extra hard paint finish for salt-water and chip resistance
  • Multi-disc cork and stainless-steel center drag system
  • Easy left to right-hand conversion
  • One-way roller clutch bearing
  • Stainless steel main spindle
  • Quick release spool
  • Complete with neoprene reel case for protection for all individual reels 

Customer Reviews

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I own one and it is a GREAT Reel!

Here in the Northeastern US, I regularly use my Onyx Cassette to fish for trout, bass, steelhead, and perch! I can use ONE reel to fish for ALL these species, and the drag holds up to all of them! Couldn't be happier!