Scandinavian-Spey Fly Lines with Continuous Running Line SSF


Line Weight

Our Scandinavian Spey line profiles meet the demands of salmon and sea-trout anglers, fishing with double handed rods in highly restricted areas, where the creation of a large “D” loop is near impossible. By combining the best of the “Scandinavian underhand” style of casting and “shooting head” line technology, with our own UK style of “Spey Casting” and delicate front taper design, we have the ultimate fly line for tackling “great space with tight spaces.” The shorter head on the Scandinavian Spey loads the rod quickly at short range, shoots like a dream and has the turnover of a traditional Spey line. The fast front taper is especially suited to fishing with our Poly Coated Leaders, adding an extra dimension to fly presentation.

Bottle of Line Slick included.

Model Line Weight
SS20F #6/7 (309gr)
SS24F #7/8 (370gr)
SS36F #8/9 (555gr)
SS40F #9/10 (617gr)
SS44F  #10/11 (679gr)

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