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Length | Line Wt. 9' 6wt

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The Spectre® fly rods use the very latest carbon fiber technology to create a range of rods whose performance is unmatched at this price.

For many years Snowbee has used “multi-modulus” carbon technology in the design of our blanks. By varying the tensile modulus of the carbon fiber lay-up along the length of the blank, this allows us to precisely design and control the stiffness and flex in various sections, as well as the recovery speed of the tip.

The Spectre® range takes this on to a whole new level. The fine profile blanks use predominately 46-ton carbon fiber, blended with a small amount of 40 ton, to deliver the precise, crisp, middle-to-tip action we required. The result is a fly rod that loads and unloads more precisely and smoothly, to provide that “light in the hand” balanced feel, that all fly rod designers strive for.

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  • 4-Piece Rod
  • The fine profile blanks use predominately 40-ton carbon fiber, blended with a small amount of 36-ton to deliver a crisp middle-to-tip action.
  • Precise engineering of the carbon matt lay-up produces a double-helical hoop pattern in the carbon fiber, and leaving this intact adds strength to the blank, while making the rod lighter, more durable, and provides enhanced performance.
  • Natural finish blanks, clear matte varnish, and transparent thread coatings let our careful workmanship shine through.
  • Angler-friendly touches including alignment dots to quickly line-up your fly rod sections and self-indexing reel seats, with a small diamante ‘marker’ to quickly get your reel on the rod.
  • Comes complete with a self-color cotton drill rod bag and Cordura covered rod tube in a black and orange dog-tooth pattern.

Spectre Saltwater / Predator Fly Rod

For 2018, we have added a new Saltwater Predator model to the Spectre range for saltwater, carp, and pike fly fishing.

Click here for Saltwater / Predator Fly Rod details.

*Reel and line not included.