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This line incorporates all the superb properties of the original Snowbee XS Weight Forward Floating line, but in a Double Taper profile for the traditional angler not yet converted to the Delicate Presentation line where fly presentation is still everything. Great for delicate spider and dry fly fishing in particular.

 Bottle of Line Slick included


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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Menditto

Good line. I wish it wasn’t white.

Jeff Hanna
Best Fly Line I’ve Ever Used

I have about a dozen different fly lines and the XS Double Taper is hands down my favorite. I have it in a 4 and 5 wt. I fish at least twice a week year round usually with a cast of 3 traditional wet flies. This requires a line that can handle a variety of presentation methods and it does it all perfectly. It has a nice delicate taper that still turns over well, it mends well, I like that it is white so I can see it at all times, and I love how supple it is. I hope this line is available for years to come, it truly doesn’t get any better than this.

Brian Ramsey
Great product

This is a truly great line. Double-tapers should be used more often and you get a great distance line with a double-taper as well. I use this line for all my Tom Morgan rods and softer fiberglass rods, too. I fish hard with this line some 100 plus days/year and it lasts...going on 8yrs now!

Robbie Posvic
Amazing double taper!

I have used many other brands lines and Snowbee lines are easily my favorite. So supple and memory free. The XS double taper is perfect for dry fly presentations and while fishing a team of wet flies.

Ted B
Snowbee XS double taper fly line

The fly line was received quickly and was as described on the website. Unfortunately a 3wt was ordered by me instead of a 4 wt. As soon as he knew this, Simon of Customer Support sent me a 4 wt and told me to return the 3wt. Excellent customer service to correct a mistake made by me. I was also surprised to find a bottle of Line Slick lubricant included with the fly line, a nice touch. Thanks!