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Established in 1978, we at Snowbee are happy to introduce our world-famous fly fishing products that carry on the best parts that traditions have to offer, combined with modern day innovations that take fly fishing to the next level. With a passion for fly fishing, Snowbee offers the very best that modern materials and technology have to offer at an affordable price.

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Salida, Colorado: Fishing in the Gem of the Rockies

Salida, Colorado: Fishing in the Gem of the Rockies

  When you talk about the Heart of the Rockies, many towns come to mind. But there is only one out there that sits, quite literally, in the middle ...
“Attraction” of the Stimulator Fly

“Attraction” of the Stimulator Fly

  There are popular names among the fishing world that are recognized and highly lauded for their gifts to the sport of fly fishing. Randall Kaufma...
Three Simple Caddis Flies to Tie

Three Simple Caddis Flies to Tie

  Caddis fly imitations are critical to an angler’s arsenal, it’s important to make sure that they are in the fly box at all times. Trouble is, the...