Prestige Gold Fly Reel

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Precision CNC-machined from solid, high grade aircraft aluminum bar stock. The CNC design programming ensures that the maximum amount of metal is removed to offer the lightest weight possible while still maintaining optimal strength and rigidity.

These precision reels are fitted with a sealed, multi-disc cork and stainless steel center drag, which offers powerful drag performance to cope with the strongest fish. The multi-disc design provides minimal start-up inertia to prevent break-offs with smash takes, and allows the use of the finest tippets. The large arbor design allows for a faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory. 

Internal parts, such as the main spindle and clutch bearing, are manufactured from stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance even in saltwater, while the precision one-way roller clutch bearing provides instant drag control when that smash take catches you by surprise. The hard gold anodized finish provides superb saltwater and chip resistance. The comfortable spool handle and counter weight are both machined from aluminum and hard anodized in a contrasting black color.