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Simple neoprene straps which wrap around your spare spools and reels to keep leaders and fly lines intact. Velcro closure fits any spool size, with a pull tab to remove. Now with a white write-on area for labeling facility and instant identification. Packs of two in trout or salmon reel size.

Trout Size: 12" x 3/4"

Salmon Size: 16" x 1"

Customer Reviews

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John Byron
Best ever!

Awesome new accessory and much better than others that try to do this. Saltwater reel = salmon size.

Gerald Costanza

Nice versatile wraps found several uses

Best $8 you can spend

Spool tenders are a fly angler's best friend. If you carry multiple spools these are a must have. By fully encompassing the fly line, it protects the flyline and leader when stored, and it keeps the line from unraveling. We've all reached into our bag or vest and found an unraveled spool. No longer. Get yourself some of these and you won't deal with messy fly lines ever again!

Thank you for your review Dave! We feel more and more people are realizing how useful these spool tenders are!