XS-Plus Thistledown²

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The revolutionary XS-Plus Thistledown2 2-5wt fly line is not only one line for multiple-weighted rods, but it is also .. one line for multiple fishing applications.

Have you ever found yourself while fishing lightweight from pocket to pocket and needing to roll cast across the surface or to cast across the big water or keeping it under the branches? The design of Thistledown2 2-5wt fly line allows anglers to meet these challenging conditions with ease without having to change your line, reel or rod.  And, if you're carrying two different rods, you won't need two reels with two different lines. One Line, one reel, and one rod, but multiple applications. 

Primarily designed for streams, rivers, and light fishing on small still waters, the XS-Plus Thistledown2 line has now become a regular companion in almost any application where an angler enjoys lightweight finesse, stealth, and accuracy. Our new Nano Coating Technology featured on this line has enabled us to produce the softest, most supple, best casting, and longest lasting fly lines in our history. Improvements in braided core technology allow us to apply a slightly thicker outer Nano coating, allowing the line to float higher, all while still retaining the same diameter. The importance of retaining the slim diameter was critical, as the line is designed to have the optimum diameter and profile that creates hardly any drag when casting. This is what makes the Thistledown2 special, as the “load weight” factor becomes less critical for casting performance and the nominated rod weight becomes less important in achieving a cast.

Silky-smooth finish and thin diameter mean the line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action and the line delivers the fly precisely where required, with minimum effort. The XS-Plus Thistledown2 has zero memory issues, and with both ends pre-looped with welded micro-loops, it’s ready to go straight from the box.

Both the lines are two-tone in color, Shamrock Olive head with Buckskin running line.

Bottle of Line Slick included.


  • Core, Primer and Nano-Tec coating combine to the thinnest, most supple, weight forward profile possible
  • Zero line memory effect
  • Pre-looped on both ends
  • 2-5wt version can be used on 1wt rod
  • Available in #1-4wt and #5-7wt

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