XS-Plus Thistledown²

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The Only Multi-Weight Fly Line 

Ideal for streams, rivers, and small still water, this weight forward fly line offers lightweight finesse and accuracy. The braided core ensures a soft, supple, yet durable fly line, while allowing for more of our Nano Coating Technology for higher floating capabilities. With its slim diameter and minimal drag, the Thistledown² offers exceptional casting performance for a multitude of fishing applications. Experience silky-smooth delivery and precise fly placement with minimal effort. Memory-free and pre-looped ends for convenience.

Shamrock Olive
Running Line


  • Braided core with Nano-Tec coating
  • Shorter shooting head with a long compound front taper
  • Ultra-thin profile to maintain line speed and cut through wind
  • Zero line-memory effect
  • Multi-weight for multiple applications
  • Available in 1-4wt, 2-5wt, 5-7wt

XS-Plus Thistledown² Profile

WF2/5TD & WF5/7TD

  • Total Length : 90'
  • Front Taper: 12' 6"
  • Body: 18'
  • Rear Taper: 4'
  • Running Line: 55' 6"

XS-Plus Thistledown²

WF1/4TD - Brook Line

  • Total Length: 75'
  • Front Taper: 9' 6"
  • Body: 14' 6"
  • Rear Taper: 3' 6"
  • Running Line: 47' 6"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ronald Kirkeeng
Looks good so far

Looks like a nice floating line. Have not done anything but load it onto my reel, which went as expected. Someday I will take it out and test it, but seems like a good line for the money

J Eibs

Slow shipping from UPS. You may want to consider how that affects your image. Have been unable to try out the new line, since I had to change my planned outing when it was not received in a timely manner.

Hey there,

Thank you for the feedback and our sincere apologies on the slower shipping. We process orders to be shipped either same day or the following business day, and depending on package size and shipping location for domestic orders, we use standardized shipping from either USPS or UPS. Understandably, there can be occasional delays with logistics that are outside of our control. According to the tracking information for your order, the shipment arrived in 7 days which is generally on the tail end of a typical UPS shipment, to which we do again want to apologize. For future reference, please feel free to contact us for expedited shipping as we do offer quicker shipping options that can be selected before the check out page, and we will be happy to work with you to make sure you get your order sooner if needed.

Kreyne Sato
Very pleased that I am able to use 1 fly line for various rods weights.

I spent 2 sessions at a couple of hours each using this fly line and found it easy to adapt to but what was more exciting was the ability to use this line on a 4wt. 6.5 ft rod, a 4 wt. 9 ft medium action, a 4 wt. 9 ft medium-fast action rod and a 5 wt. 8.5 ft. medium action rod. This new fly line casted like butter. The thinner line size took a bit of getting used to, but the results are just what I wanted. IMO, the line was easier to cast using a rod with med-fast action, (leaning more toward fast), and was a dream to cast at distances up to 45 feet using a 9 ft. leader. Easy to shoot line without hauling. I was ready to unload my Sage Mod 4 wt. - 9 ft rod, IMHO it is a medium action rod, but using this line has changed my mind. BTW, the line does seem to float a bit higher in the water making roll casting easier. The bottle of line slick is a nice, (included with the fly line), accessory.

Great Match for 3/4 weight rod

I have yet to fish with the Thistledown 2-5, but I love how it casts with my T and T 8ft 3/4 weight (Light 8) rod. I had been using a 4 wt Triangle Taper line, but the Thistledown loads the rod more easily and casts with less effort. That rod came to life with this line. The Thistledown feels a bit light, underweighted, when casting on my 5 wt, 9 foot Scott rod though - decent with the 5 wt, but not a great match. I have not tried the line on a 2 wt rod yet.

Joe Perron

I purchased the 2-5wt Thistledown line and used it with an old Martin 72 5wt reel and 9’ Redington Path rod; followed up later a 3/4 wt reel with a 7’ foot rod and literally saw no difference in performance. Both casted flawlessly as if line matched up perfect. Everything positive that has been stated about this line is true. It is a perfect blend for the lower at class of reels and size variations of rod. Cleans up well after outings (let’s not spread the invasive stuff River to River) and makes me glad to see my Gramps old reel still useable. Definitely buying more line.