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A lightweight, slim profile aluminum wading staff for reduced water resistance. The 4-section design locks firmly in place with a sliding collar, so the staff cannot collapse even if the rubber cap is caught between rocks. Remove the "silent wading" rubber cap and a carbide steel tip is exposed for extra traction. This staff comes with an optional screw-on trekking baskets to spread the load in soft sand, mud, or snow. Ergonomic rubber handle for comfort and positive grip, with an adjustable wrist strap and detachable elasticated lanyard. At 15”olded up, the wading staff packs down into a neat neoprene belt holster.


  • Length when folded: 15"
  • Length when extended: 55"
  • Staff weight: 340 grams / 12 ounces


  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • 4-section design packs down to just 15"
  • Carbide steel tip for extra traction
  • Trekking basket for load spread on soft surfaces
  • Neoprene belt holster included with lanyard

Customer Reviews

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wading staff

At first I was going to return it, since it seemed so loose. Called customer service and there is a sleeve right of the handle that has to come down. Looks fine now....won't know until next year. Thank you

Great staff - great price

I just returned from a couple of days using the wading staff for the first time on Oregon's Rogue River. When I purchased the staff I was a bit skeptical as it was less than half the price of a well known competitor's staff which I've had to return twice when the locking button failed to line up. I can report that the Snowbee staff is terrific - reliably strong, comfortable handle, nice to have the option of the carbide tip or rubber tip. It is quite long - I'm well over 6' tall and its about right for me - but it looks simple to shorten using a hacksaw and moving the tip. All in all, a really great staff at a down to earth price.

Folding staff

Folding staff seems great and has performed excellently on the water, but the storage belt lash tore on the first use.