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Rod Size 9' 4wt.

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The Prestige G-XS fly rod is constructed utilizing a game changing space-age material combined with multi-modulus carbon fiber, and is by far the best performance fly rod Snowbee has ever developed. At the molecular level, this advanced material is the thinnest, lightest and strongest material ever known. It is 200 times stronger than steel, and one million times thinner than the diameter of a human hair.

By applying these hugely critical components in the design and build, the Prestige G-XS fly rods have now become the lightest, most powerful and flexible rods that we’ve ever produced. Despite its fast action the rod is not stiff and is capable of producing an incredibly smooth and powerful cast with the sensitivity of the rod tip.       

Unique to the Prestige G-XS, this essential flex in the tip design helps to keep fish set, even when only lightly hooked. That makes the casting experience unmatched, and we’ve utilized this same philosophy to develop the ultralight 1 and 2 weight models which take full advantage of this strength and flexibility, offering silky smooth action with generous amounts of power.

    *Reel not included.

      – 4-piece ultralight High-Modulus Carbon blanks utilizing space-grade resin technology

      – Fast action with high lift snakes for extreme distance casting

      – Deep bronze finish with matching whippings

      – Anodized silver/gold aluminum reel seat with maple burl wood inserts

      – Polyester rod tube with matching rod sleeve

      – Saltwater configurations available*


      When you want to 'fish light' it doesn't get much lighter than this! Our two new Ultralight models are fitted with the European style tapered handle, with burl wood collar, allowing sensitive control, with one finger running up onto the blank, for the ultimate in bite detection and precision casting.

      7'6" ––––– 1wt––––– 2.1oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      7'0" ––––– 2wt –––– 2.1oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      Our river dry fly and nymph rods are aimed squarely at the 'light line' specialist who has come to appreciate the need for sensitive control and extreme accuracy with a feel to match, when 'fishing light'. Originally developed in Eastern Europe, the longer, lighter styles of nymph fishing and dry fly rods have become increasingly popular for river fishing and the new material further enhances this. These rods lend themselves to effortless and untiring Czech and French nymphing techniques and the 9'6" #3 weight model is the ideal rod for dry fly or dual purpose. These lighter options are all fitted with the European style tapered handle and burl wood collars.

      9'6" ––––– 3wt ––––– 2.8oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      10'0" –––– 2wt ––––– 2.8oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      10'0" –––– 3wt ––––– 2.8oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      11'0" ––––– 3wt ––––– 3.4oz ––––– EURO-STYLE GRIP

      Our river and stillwater series covers a wealth of fishing opportunities... finesse, accuracy, and balance are all that's asked of a good rod; and these offer all of that and more. The range caters for every application and the blanks are purpose made for power, but with a tip flex in play, sufficient to soak up all charges so that fish caught, especially on barbless, are far less likely to come off.


      8'0" ––––– 4wt ––––– 2.3oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

      9'0" ––––– 4wt ––––– 2.7oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

      9'0" ––––– 5wt ––––– 2.8oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

      The most powerful blanks in the new Prestige range. Unleash the hidden energy in these rods with a smoothness you will not believe. The new construction provides a smoothness unsurpassed by any other material. You will quickly come to appreciate the unrivaled power and control, only available with this remarkable new technology. All designed with progressive tip action and sufficient flex to generate maximum line speed and distance, as well as holding onto hooked fish, with a vastly reduced risk of losing them in play.

      9'0" ––––– 6wt ––––– 2.9oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

      9'6" ––––– 7wt –––––– 3.7oz ––––– FULL WELLS GRIP

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Steven Oliver
      Superb Rods!

      I have used several higher end rods and they never seemed to make much difference in casting for me. So I've generally kept with the more affordable TFO rods like their Finesse or BVKs. I've also used the Snowbee lines before and really like them. At a fly fishing show I got to try out a Snowbee Prestige G-XS 2wt rod. I was extremely impressed! So much so that I bought one. After a couple of months getting familiar with the rod, it cast better than anything I have ever used. With Snowbee 1-4wt line spooled up on the Prestige, I can cast almost all of the 75ft line down to the backing. It is truly amazing, especially for a 2wt rod. I fish with mostly lightweight gear and this is my go to rod. The control precision on short to medium range casts is exceptional. The feel is fantastic. I had a friend try it out and after his FIRST cast, he looked at me with his jaw hanging around the ground and said "that is impressive!"

      I'm not one for $500+ rods but was so impressed with the 2wt that I also purchased a Prestige 4wt. I figured I couldn't go wrong with their lifetime replacement warranty.

      If you like lightweight gear, do yourself a favor and get a Snowbee Prestige G-XS in the 2wt. Trust me - you need this rod!

      John Kern
      Prestige GS-X 1 weight

      Bought the GS-X after demos this Spring. What a JOY to cast and fish with all day!
      Fantastic accuracy and speed. Hangs on to quite big fish with ease!

      Vincent Chua
      Fly rod

      Impressive piece of tool just a little pricey

      Trout Bum
      A Pure Delight to Fish

      Took a Prestige 7'6" one weight for a day on the upper Taylor River above the reservoir in Colorado. Fishing a size 14 black and tan chubby on a 9' leader, using a Snowbee Classic 3/4 reel and a Thistledown 2/5 weight line. I was able to place the fly within a couple of inches of the consistently for non stop action of 12 to 14 inch brown trout. I was one of the funnest days I have had in a while on a small stream. I highly recommend this for your next fishing adventure.

      jeffrey davis
      best rod I have owned and used.

      Friends urged me to buy a more well known brand of graphite rod in the 9’ 6# range, but after reading carefully about the Prestige g-xs I decided to make the purchase.It is the only 9’ rod I own other than a 9’9# for salmon. The difference in this 9’ versus the 8’3” 5# I own is greater control and placement of the fly. I am impressed enough to take it to Wyoming in two weeks to fish in Yellowstone Park.