Ultralight 3-In-1 Trout Net

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Our top-selling 3-in-1 Hand Trout Net uses the latest generation of rubber mesh and the D-section aluminum frame is ultra-lightweight yet offers amazing strength and rigidity. Net dimensions are 20" x 17.5".

Attached is a hexagonal Rubber-Mesh knotless net which has a flat bottom panel for the fish to lie in, ideal for catch and release as this design minimizes scale damage. The fine, hexagonal mesh has a rubber coating, which prevents it from absorbing water, so not only does it prevent the net from smelling of fish, but it completely dries, with just one shake. The rubber coating also prevents hook barbs from catching in the mesh. The net comes with two telescopic aluminum handles. The shorter model is only 12” (30cm) when closed, providing an ideal river “scoop” net, particularly for competition fishing. It telescopes out to 18” (46cm) for additional reach and fits within international competition rules for overall length. The second telescopic handle extends from a closed length of 25” (64cm) to a fully extended length of 45” (115cm), providing an ideal river bank or small Stillwater net. Both handles are fitted with high-density foam grips.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Nelson
Lightweight and Versatile

Great net. Little bit light for steelhead but it gets the job done. 👍

Ken Shigemi
Great looking Net!

Upon inspection the net looks to be well constructed, very light in weight which is nice. The extension handles operate smoothly.

Hi Ken,

Apologies for the delay. As this is an international delivery going to Canada, the quoted shipping times from USPS may get delayed due to Covid-19 complications. According to the tracking number, your shipment was just processed through a facility in Canada today, June 11th as of 12:49pm. It should be reaching your doors soon!

One net that does it all!

I take this net on the river and the lake. It has the right depth net, and the rubber medium sized holes means you're not getting your flies tangled up every time you land a fish. And off course, you have the changeable handle lengths. A great all rounder.

Derek Geldhauser
3 in 1 landing net

Light weight net. Handles function flawlessly. Loop/handle connections seem fragile (plastic with tiny screws), but no issues with smaller trout to this point. Have concerns with how they’ll hold up with trophy fish in the bag. Net bag is shallow, would prefer a deeper option but none available from site. Will likely replace with a Frabil bag moving forward.

allen bole
works great with czech rod and lake fishing from a boat.

I love the reach I get on this net It work great with 11 ft rod.The other net I was using is at 22 in long reach with this net I have a reach up to 36 in. I also love that I can switch to the long handle and fish from a boat.

Thank you for your review, it's a convenient net isn't it? Happy to hear that it is suiting your needs well!