How does the Thistledown2 Fly Line Work?

Understanding how it works is another story because when it states #2-5wt, there really is only one single line that can and does function amazingly on all weight rods, whether they be a #2, #3, #4, or #5wt! Now there is also the single #5-#7wt. line that again achieves the same. How? It comes down to simple physics and the optimum diameter and profile create hardly any drag when casting. That means the “load weight” factor becomes less critical to casting performance and the nominated rod weight becomes less important in achieving the cast. The new and refined components for these lines, being Core, Primer and Nano-Tec coating, combine to give the thinnest, most supple, weight forward profile possible. They still weigh very little but deliver incredible stealth and accuracy at the same time. The silky-smooth finish and the thin diameter means the line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action and delivers the fly precisely where required, with minimum effort. Even across a gale force wind these lines have been used to great effect and will cut through almost any breeze with its drag coefficient being so small.