Nivalis Down Jacket Technology


For many years mountaineers & polar explorers have relied on the unparalleled lightweight insulation properties of natural down feather to keep them warm in extreme conditions. The problem, however, is that down loses most of its thermal properties as soon as it gets wet. Many manufacturers have tried to avoid this problem by either treating the outer shell with a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish or by using down feather with a hydrophobic treatment to repel water and prevent clumping. Both methods have their limitations, so we though…why not put the down in totally waterproof pockets to protect it? Problem solved!

Our new high-tech Nivalis Down jacket features a totally unique construction technique consisting of an internal & external 3-layer laminated fabric and using hidden internal stitching to form the down pockets. This means there is no external stitch-line to allow water to penetrate. The down pockets are formed using 2 layers of double-knitted Tricot and then protected, inside and out, with a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) waterproof membrane, so the down remains 100% dry. The outer shell is a woven micro-fiber polyester fabric with DWR treatment, so raindrops “bead-up” & run off the surface. Inside the jacket, there is a super light woven polyester lining with a peach-skin finish for wearer comfort.