Snowbee FFI Certified Instructor Program

To be eligible for Certified Instructor Discounts, please create a account here and fill out the form below

All applications require documentation to prove your status as a Certified FFI Casting Instructor. If you do not submit proper documentation, your application will not be processed.


  • The Snowbee FFI Certified Instructor Discount cannot be applied to items on sale. What this means is, your 40% discount is applicable to all items at their MSRP, but not at any listed sale price at www.snowbee-usa.comDuring an active sale, you will notice that your Snowbee FFI Certified Instructor Discount will already be applied to sale items at check out. You are welcomed to make any purchases, however, please note that a follow up email will be sent containing an invoice for the difference that is owed from the sale discount that was originally applied to the MSRP. 

For additional questions about the program, please email us at