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Centre Leaf Waterproof Fly Box Essentials
Centre Leaf Waterproof Fly Box Essentials
Centre Leaf Waterproof Fly Box Essentials

Centre Leaf Waterproof Fly Box

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Our waterproof Centre Leaf Fly Boxes are designed to utilize and maximize the available storage space, fitting an impressive number of flies for their size.

The removable center swing-leaf hinges to give easy access to both sides, providing 4-sided fly storage in one box. This fly box is capable of storing large salmon or saltwater flies as well by simply removing the center leaf completely which will provide a very deep box, capable of storing the largest of flies. The large model can store up to 576 flies, while the X-large can take a whopping 936 flies!


  • Tough body molding for strength and crack resistance
  • Double hinges allow lids to fold to 180° for easier access
  • Secure double locking system for security
  • Silicone gasket makes the box 100% waterproof
  • Micro-slit high-density ethnafoam holds all sizes of flies easily and securely
  • Ample depth under lids for all sizes of flies
  • Swing Centre Leaf gives 4-sided storage
  • Swing Centre Leaf is removable to allow storage of very large flies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great fly boxes.

Great water proof boxes that hold all the flies you could ever need and then another 100! Great price. Highly recommend!

Great value and good boxes

All the boxes I ordered are very usable and exactly what they say they are.


Excellent fly box . Very spacious yet fits in hand.

Thank you for your review, glad to hear that you find our Centre Leaf Waterproof Fly Box to be excellent!