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A lightweight neoprene glove with a nylon Jersey knit palm with rubberized “dots” pattern for extra grip. The thin palm material allows the gloves to be worn while fishing or shooting, while the neoprene back gives provides warmth where it’s needed. The tips of the thumb and index finger are left exposed to allow tying of knots, or loading, without removing the gloves.


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VERY lightweight neoprene gloves

The gloves fit well, very much as expected, but they are significantly lighter in weight than expected. I will know in a few weeks how warm they keep my fingers when fishing in cold weather. The website glitched when I ordered the gloves though, substituting Small gloves for the Large that I selected. Snowbee responded very well, but even when I reordered to get the Large gloves, the website kept changing my order. In total, it took 4 attempts to get the website to properly register the size I selected. I did receive the order before my winter fishing trip though, thanks to Snowbee's rapid and efficient customer service.

Not just for fishing.

I bought a pair of these gloves (albeit one size too small) in New Zealand nearly 20 years ago, and only today I figure out they still exist and are in fact an American company. I've been using mine mostly for work, which is Optics and Microphone based. I also recently got an eBike which means I'm out more and go longer distances, and in the chilly Seattle winter these gloves are simply the best for me. I like how thin they are and how much you can actually feel subtlety through them, without sacrificing hand protection from the elephants, doh! I mean elements!


This is John Norrell. Order #2623 (Nov 15,2020). I just received my three pair of gloves. There are problems. First the three pair I received appear to be smaller in size than the label indicates so I'd say they are labeled incorrectly. I have some older Snowbees in XL I've had for some time so I compared them to the three XL pairs just shipped. The older pair has 12 elastic pleated squares across the back. The newer pairs marked XL have 10 pleated squares. So they are not as wide as the original XL.

Then there was an additional problem after wearing one of the pairs for three hours. The stitching around the rim of the right index finger started coming unraveled. Loving the gloves as I do I placed some glue around the rim to control the thread unraveling. That looks like it is working but after wearing the gloves today, the tightness of them across the back of my hands leave deep marks as I'm forcing my hand to fit the gloves.

So what I would like to do is return them as defective to swap out for three pairs of full XL size with 12 pleat squares across the back. All three pair I received have incorrect labels as compared to an older pair of XL of the same glove.

I've already cut the plastic staple that holds the cardboard tags on two of the pairs.
So let me know what you feel is fair. I do love the SnowBee gloves but need them to fit so I can enjoy them.


John Norrell
13529 Saddle Hill Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72212
Snowbee USA order # 2623 dated Nov. 15, 2020

Great Gloves and Tough as Nails

I am a guide, and I need dexterity in my gear. I don't always wear gloves, but when I do I beat the SNOT out of them! The stitching and materials in these gloves is immaculate. Hands down (no pun intended), the best fingerless neoprenes I've used.