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The amazing Spectre RMX fly rods incorporates the very latest American Tackle Microwave stripper guides for the ultimate line control performance.

Snowbee was the first UK company to incorporate American Tackle's Microwave Guide system into a range of spinning rods back in 2014. The resulting line control was nothing short of spectacular... and got us thinking whether the same technology could be applied to fly rods. Having worked closely with American Tackle since those early days, the new Microwave Fly Rod Guides were finally launched in 2019.

*Reel and line not included.

– 4-Piece Rod

– The fine profile blanks use predominately 40-ton carbon fiber, blended with a small amount of 36-ton to deliver a crisp middle-to-tip action

– Incorporates American Tackle™ Microwave Stripping Guides

– Precise engineering of the carbon mat lay-up producing a double-helical hoop pattern in the carbon fiber, and leaving this intact adds strength to the blank, while making the rod lighter, more durable, and provides enhanced performance

– Natural finish blanks, clear matte varnish, and transparent thread coatings let our careful workmanship shine through

– Alignment dots to quickly line-up your fly rod sections and self-indexing reel seats, with a small diamante ‘marker’ to quickly get your reel on the rod

– Polyester rod tube with matching rod sleeve

To ensure this precise blank design is not altered in any way, we use an “un-ground,” natural finish. Precise engineering of the carbon matte lay-up produces a double-helical hoop pattern in the carbon fiber and leaving this intact adds strength to the blank while making the rod lighter, more durable, and provides enhanced performance.

The modern action and performance are matched by the contemporary finish. Compare a Spectre rod next to the other brands and you’ll notice we have nothing to hide! We don’t cover up any blank blemishes with coats of paint and we don’t use opaque epoxy to mask sloppy guide whippings! We use natural fishing blanks, clear matt varnish, and transparent thread coatings that let our careful workmanship shine through.

The clear matte varnish allows the beauty of the carbon fiber pattern to show through, while the matte finish eliminates “rod flash” in bright conditions. Matching self-color whippings and the latest “soft-touch” rubber coated reel seats complete the understated look, but these new-look rods are bound to turn heads! Make no mistake, the Spectre RMX fly rods are designed to catch fish, not fishermen... although their entire look is bound to appeal to the serious fly fisher, looking for every advantage over his or her quarry, without having to spend a fortune or worrying about “shelf appeal.” 

Built with stainless steel guides with a super-hard titanium coating which provides less line friction through the rings. In this latest pattern, oversized stripper guides have a new leg design, which provides better support and helps channel the fly line more smoothly through the ring. The high-grade zirconium ring liners reduce friction to the minimum, while the snake guides are high-lift, American pattern, with oversize hayfork tip rings, to maximize line speed. 

The Spectre RMX rods also feature angler-friendly touches like alignment dots to quickly line-up your fly rod sections and self-indexing reel seats, with small diamante “marker” to quickly get your reel on the rod, allowing you to concentrate on the fishing. 


The perfect small river or brook rod, but equally suitable for small stillwaters, where a slightly softer action allows a more delicate presentation, when seeking 'spooky' fish.

8'6" ––––– 5wt ––––– 3.1oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

Ideal for rivers and small stillwaters where a slightly faster action and additional power is required for longer distance casting.

9'0" ––––– 5wt ––––– 3.3oz –––– HALF WELLS GRIP

9'0" ––––– 6wt ––––– 3.4oz –––– HALF WELLS GRIP

The ever popular rod of choices for large rivers, stillwaters and reservoirs. These models have a massive reserve of power, allowing those extra few yards to reach the fish previously just out of range. Also great stillwater rods, the smaller rods being ideal for lighter line fishing, particularly dry-fly and top of the water styles, while the #6 model is designed for more general loch style fishing for Brown Trout and Rainbow, where a more powerful rod is required.

9'6" –––––– 7wt ––––– 4.1oz –––––– FULL WELLS GRIP

10'0" ––––– 5wt ––––– 3.9oz ––––– HALF WELLS GRIP

10'0" ––––– 6wt ––––– 3.9oz ––––– FULL WELLS GRIP

10'0" ––––– 7wt ––––– 4.4oz ––––– FULL WELLS GRIP

With the ever increasing popularity of Saltwater, carp and pike fly fishing we have included a Saltwater Predator model to the Spectre range. This is not just the standard rod with a different logo! Purpose-designed for the requirements of these fly fishing disciplines, the blanks have steeper tapers and thicker wall profiles to handle the larger, more powerful fish likely to be encountered. Brushed aluminum finish reel seat and high chrome guides, make the Spectre SP stand out from crowd!

9'0" ––––– 8wt ––––– 4.8oz ––––– FULL WELLS GRIP

Customer Reviews

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Ross Benson
Pictures to prove!

Love my RMX and Diamond fly rods! Great action and sensitivity! I sent pictures on Monday to your support email as proof! One monster Brown, one Monster Rainbow and another 2 lb rainbow! Great Equipment, Great catches!


Amazing, very high quality and sensitivity!

scott karban
New Spectre fly rod

Haven’t had the weather to fish it yet but soon I will. The rod looks like it is well built. I was disappointed in the “made in china” label on it , I thought these were made in England. The bottom alignment dot was offset quite aways from where it should be.