Trout Polyleaders - 10'

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Our new range of Poly-Coated Leaders represents three years of development to ensure we got it just right. The trout models are extruded onto 0.40mm (15lb Breaking Strength) clear monofilament core, while the salmon models use 0.55mm (30lb Breaking Strength).

Both have neat welded loops on the butt end to allow simple “loop to loop” connection to your fly line, with an 8” un-coated monofilament tip, with a Perfection Loop tied in the end, which can be cut off if not required.

The thermoplastic polymer coating has a precision taper and a silky-smooth finish, to ensure a controlled turnover and presentation. The five different densities available allow accurate presentation of you fly at any chosen depth.

Poly-Coated Leaders Trout: 0.40mm core – rated at 15lb

Model Length Density Color Sink Rate
PCL10T-F 10ft Floating Clear 0.0ips
PCL10T-I 10ft Intermediate Clear / Green 1.5ips
PCL10T-SS  10ft Slow-Sink Grey 2.5ips
PCL10T-FS 10ft Fast-Sink Brown 4.0ips
PCL10T-XFS 10ft X-Fast-Sink Black 5.0ips