Best Gear to Pack for that Perfect Day

Best Gear to Pack for that Perfect Day



Best Gear to Pack for that Perfect Day of Streamer Fishing


It is true that streamer fishing, like all facets of the world of the angler, is a work of art that must be learned. Experimentation with all different tactics and casting techniques is important in order to make sure you catch everything you’re looking for. But it’s also a fact that you need to have the correct gear to work with in order to become a streamer fishing artiste. Although you will find companies galore and stores filled with things to choose from, having all those options can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve cut the list down to make sure that when you’re starting out, you have the basics in place.



When it comes to streamer fishing, the rod, of course, is the first piece of the puzzle you need in order to begin. Professionals recommend that you go into the shop knowing that you will need to purchase at least a 6 or 7 weight fly rod for your “streamer” focus. This is the basic that supplies you with the power to get your flies out there. You can utilize a 4/5 weight rod if you’re sticking to fishing smaller flies, but anything below 8 weight will have you working extra hard in order to cast the bigger, heavier patterns that work when it comes to hauling in those trophy-size fish. Another thing to remember, however, is that if you’re looking to fish or experiment with larger streamer patterns, a fast-action 6 to 8 weight rod is the best way to go.

From the moment you pick up a Snowbee Prestige fly rod, you will notice and appreciate the level of detail that has gone into them as they simply ooze class.

Prestige G-XS Fly Rod 9' 6"  7wt. is the perfect fast action streamer rod


Next, we move on to the fly line. There are a multitude to choose from, but when it comes to getting the “best” basic for streamer fly fishing, you must first know the type of locale you’ll be fishing. If heading for smaller rivers and streams, floating lines perform best; but if you’re headed towards that deeper, quicker water flow, a sinking tip line is preferred so you can fish a greater expanse of the water.

For an ideal situation, you also want to look for a thicker tippet in 3X (or 2X) so that you have the ability to turn over the streamer you’re casting.

As far as the selection of streamers, many will tell you that this is not a difficult process like it is when choosing a dry fly pattern. But it’s still important to know that the selections of streamer patterns – from the classics to more modern choices – can be found in a wealth of fly fishing stores. And if you wish to go one step further ad really become a “part” of the process, tying your own can be a great deal of fun.

This is one art that’s great to learn, and there are a myriad of resources – from video tutorials to fly tying instruction – that you can dive into. Just make sure that your basics are in place and you’ll be all set when the time comes to go out on the water and bring home your greatest catch.

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