In this world of concentrating on “necessities only,” there is one thing hunters, anglers, and other lovers of outdoor sports will tell you: breathable waders are definitely a necessity.


It’s important to understand that waders have most assuredly “matured” in the last few years. The avid hunter of waterfowl no longer needs to suffer heavy, hot fabric when getting those decoys in just the right place. No longer does the fisherman have to cast a fly while having to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of sweat. No. Now everyone can actually enjoy their time outside, making life more relaxing for you while making it more uncomfortable for the fish, birds, etc. that you will now stay out longer to catch. But, hey…that’s the point, right?

Everyone knows what the neoprene wader is and the cons that come with having to deal with them. Neoprene is a relatively thick synthetic rubber that becomes far too warm at times. In addition, outdoorsmen and women talk about how the seals can fail quite fast, depending on the type of sewing and reinforcement they happen to have, how they’re incredibly bulky, and how the rubber snags quite easily on thorns and other things in nature.


Enter…the breathable waders. Made out of a variety of compounds, they are specifically designed to keep water out, while still allowing the anglers’ and hunters’ body heat to escape. The result? Wearing breathable waders will allow you to stay warm, but also comfortable, for a full day of outdoor fun.

Overall, an angler or hunter will be spending a great deal of time in water as well as in chilly weather, so having a pair of waders that’s breathable and fitted correctly will have you not even notice you’re wearing them, most likely. Which is great, considering waders are that one necessity – that one piece of clothing – that’s nearly mandatory for duck hunting and for some forms of fishing. Not to mention, by choosing breathable waders you’ll enjoy a list of pros that will make your time in the Great Outdoors a whole lot greater. We’re talking waterproof, light, cool, resistant to snagging of any kind, and versatile—allowing you the choice of layering underneath, if you wish. That’s right, you can still wear the breathable waders once the weather turns cold because you can easily layer socks, base layers, sweaters and/or jackets underneath them. In fact, professionals who hunt during the cold winters still choose breathable waders because they can add extra warmth underneath and still maintain comfort at the same time.

Choose your waders first on how the stocking foot fits; then, pay attention to the rest of the fit. Neoprene is designed to fit tighter and gets really bulky when loose. It can even hinder movement if you don’t get the fit right. By choosing the looser fit for the breathable waders, you no longer have to worry. And remember, after each hunt or fishing excursion, it’s good to dry the inside of the waders to stop odors, and then store them indoors to prevent them from getting too hot or dry.

So go get that absolute “necessity” today! There are a variety of breathable waders to choose from, so check them out, find the right price, and snag them quick. Now, they won’t get you that perfect “catch,” but you’ll definitely enjoy the challenge a whole lot more in your breathable waders.

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