Like closets at home, the trusty fly box you carry is a wealth of the classic and the custom combined. But one family of flies should be a part of the “gang” in the form of the Attractors. Yes, these are the “unique” patterns that can range from mixtures of fur and feathers to bright and iridescent colors. Never designed to match perfectly with the silhouette of a single insect, the attractor patterns prove to be the much-needed fishing accessory to make your prey’s mouth water.

Dry fly fishing with snowbee

The word “tranquil” is a wonderful one, as we all know. But when it comes to the angler, it can also be the most frustrating. After all, if the fish simply aren’t biting, or they prove to be lethargic in your choice location, the attractor patterns are the one true item that is definitely going to get their attention.

 When atop these tranquil, calm waters, it is a general fact that with attractors, the larger it is, the more interest the fish seem to have in going after it. Sticking to a size 12 or even a 10 pattern can usually bring the best success.

However, when going below, the attractor fly used keeps its “incredible” look, but the size options become much more open for achieving success. Allowing the fish to keep their energy, you can use attractor pattern flies ranging from the size of a minnow to the beginning stages of an aquatic insect. By keeping the offering at the bottom of the water, you can and will often entice the dormant fish to simply open their mouths and swallow the fly as it’s passing by.

Because there is such a variety of attractor patterns available, one that is a “favorite” among anglers who are fishing those calm waters is the Wooly Bugger pattern. When the water is nothing more than a mirror, the Wooly Bugger can be stripped or dead-drifted with the current.

So always remember, when you’re up against that “unwanted” tranquility from your favorite sport, by having the attractors on hand you can skip the frustration and end up as calm and serene as the current, itself.

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