Fishing MayFlies Destinations and Gear

You are a fly fisher extraordinaire looking for the absolute best places to cast one of those perfect dry flies that you’ve taken the time to tie. The perfect mayfly patterns are in your case, and you want nothing more than to go out and be productive…while also being surrounded by the most stunning beauty Mother Nature could possibly provide. There is nothing more fun that fishing dries on a ultralight rod with the perfect line selection for the best presentations. Other component needed is great tippet with Camo being the best. 


Cast Your Mayfly Patterns in a True Angler’s Paradise

Mayfly fly fishing the Madison River

A top choice when polls are taken is the Madison River in glorious Montana. Said to be perfect for all varieties of dry flies, one spot on the river – located near Bozeman – is a great choice for anglers. Being a headwater tributary of the Missouri River, this spot flows 183 miles between Montana and Wyoming. Due to minimal runoff, large Brown trout make this area their home. Split into sections, the Madison can show its “face” as both a shallow river and a fast-moving river; by focusing on the slower-moving water and the cut banks, your casting of mayfly patterns will be a joy.

 Mid West Mayfly Fishing Destinations

The second most enchanting location among fly fishermen is the Manistee River in Michigan. Flowing directly into the mighty Lake Michigan, the river journeys through the majority of northern Michigan and has made a name for itself when it comes to the early spring Steelhead run and awesome year-round trout fishing. Here, the massive amount of water combined with the quality fish make it many northern fly anglers’ favorite destination. Anglers can choose between the gravel bottoms, deep pools and cut banks easily, knowing each and every one will hold the fish they seek. 

 Northwest Mayfly Destinations

Up in Washington State, the Yakima River offers classic fly fishing for those who wish to tie the mayfly patterns and cast, cast, cast. Located 90 minutes from Seattle, this is a true haven for the trout you seek. In fact, it plays home to both Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. Fished by either wading or drifting, the river flows through a canyon, offers banks lined with thick, green trees, and is the perfect setting for your mayfly casting adventure.

 AuSable River Mayfly Fishing

If looking for a wide expanse of scenic areas, heading to the AuSable River in New York is a perfect choice. Riffles, gravel bars, and secluded spots that provide you with serenity are everywhere, and taking along those mayflies you’ve worked so hard to tie will help you ‘land’ both Brown and Brook trout that are spread throughout the river. When it comes to rods, the consensus is to use a 3-weight to 5-weight in order to handle some of the bigger water.

 Colorado Mayfly Fishing

Last, but never least, head to Upper Colorado and the Colorado River. Yes, this can certainly be intimidating. But for those who wish to fly fish with their mayfly patterns and at the same time master one of the biggest and best rivers in existence, this is the journey to choose. A perfect adventure would be casting your mayflies in May – seeing as that this is the time with the high amount of runoff from the snowy mountains. The ‘Upper Colorado is dam-controlled so water flows are much more manageable. And here you will find Brown, Brook, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout spread throughout miles of water.

So, get to work on tying those mayfly patterns now everyone, so you can head out and test your skills as soon as possible!

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