Anyone who holds a fly rod in their hands, and owns the desire to catch as many trout as they possibly can, already knows that Montana is the place to be – especially now that Fall is being ushered into the state. Why is that? Because the treasures that are always in Montana rivers grow, offering even more entertainment to choose from.


One of the most fun ways of catching trout today is Ultralight Fly Fishing. In fact, over the past decade Ultralight Fly Fishing has actually become one of the most popular choices. Blogs, magazines, well-known fishing and hunting websites—they all speak about the fact that most are choosing this form of fishing because it is extremely calming to step down a run, casting and swinging. You couldn’t find a more enjoyable, relaxing day if you tried. And in Montana, of course, you also get to take a breath and look around at some of the most stunning scenery that Mother Nature has to offer.

In Bozeman, Ennis, and Big Sky, you are talking sheer beauty. One of the most special memories to be made is heading high up in the Gallatin Range where you’ll come upon that stunning Gallatin River that winds its way through Yellowstone and down to Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. Just think…Gallatin River fly fishing, where you can spend days on end catching those amazing wild rainbow and brown trout. Days that will have you wishing for next fall to come as fast as possible so you can do it all over again.

In this time of pandemic and chaos, it’s a treasure to be a part of the majesty awaiting you in the Gallatin Canyon where the river courses through Big Sky, Montana. This particular stretch is spoken about among avid anglers as being a place of ‘high alpine meadows that transition stunningly into steep canyon whitewater’. And right below the Gallatin Canyon, the river calms as it courses through open farmland on its way to Bozeman.



 Gear and Flies for a Successful Trip

Something else to make this location even more exciting, as if you need one, is being able to hold a rod from the Snowbee Prestige Ultralight Stream and Brook Series. When you wish to take the “light” route, Snowbee’s Prestige ultralight models (7’ and 7’6”) are fitted with the European-style tapered handle with burl wood collar; this allows sensitive control, with one finger running up onto the blank for the ultimate in bite detection and precision casting.

But Snowbee isn’t done there. Along with the perfect ultralight rod, you can choose the perfect fly line: The XS-PLUS THISTLEDOWN2. This line comes in a range of weights to suit your needs. The #2-5 wt. line works on all #2, #3, #4, and #5 rods, and the #5-7 wt. works on all #5, #6, and #7 rods. It’s even available in #1-4 wt. now! You’ll love utilizing the new braided line technology that the Thistledown fly line gives, and it will amaze you to find out that it’s even finer, while being completely stronger, more supple, and smoother than ever before, allowing you to cast with multiple rod weights, in multiple scenarios.

More information, you say? Not a problem at all. Dry fly fishing with stoneflies, caddisflies, and terrestrials are definitely effective during the summer, and nymphing is effective all year long. Streamer fly fishing is perfect on the lower reaches of the Gallatin River and is a great place to hunt for large brown trout. But something is about to be the ‘best of the best’. When October comes upon us, the caddis pupa take over Montana and draws not only the trout to the surface, but also has anglers rushing to this beautiful part of the world. Why is that? Because anglers remember that the caddis have spent 50 weeks on the bottom of these never-ending Montana waters, and when October brings them to life, the caddis helps bring the trout to your net.

Is there a negative to fly fishing in Montana? Well, just one. Chances are strong that you’ll find this treasure trove so enticing, relaxing and entertaining, that you’ll leave the job behind so that the Gallatin River can be the first thing you see every day upon waking…as it streams through your new backyard.

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