Snowbee ‘Master’ Shares the Fundamentals of the Perfect Fly-Fishing Cast


Learning the basics of casting is something a beginning fly-fisherman needs to do. Not only is the right equipment needed when going out to catch that “Big Fish,” but knowing the fundamentals of casting from a pro is a necessity. That’s where Snowbee USA comes in.



When talking about gear – from fly lines to rods, reels, and even the right apparel – Snowbee has it all. In addition, however, they also have a “team” of professionals who teach anglers the art of fly-fishing. Simon Kidd is a truly skilled member of the Snowbee team who gifts beginners and master casters with many online videos that offer tips, data on what equipment to use in any given situation, and teach the basics on how to cast a line, In a recent video, Simon shows how to hone your skills by expanding on the roll cast, overhead cast, and fly-fishing basics. In this beneficial instruction video, anglers can view the four steps it takes to make the perfect cast, while also learning what pitfalls to avoid.  


Simon begins by assembling the tackle; displaying how to get the reel and line ready to go. From the exact way to thread the line, to the knots you need to tie, to the importance of treating the tip carefully when pulling out the correct amount of line you need to work with – Simon makes sure to cover all points. Not only will you learn how best to keep the fly buoyant, but also how to use degreaser in order to cut through the surface film so the line can’t be seen by the eager fish below. He even recommends gear, such as polarizing sunglasses, and discusses the wealth of fly lines that can be found on the Snowbee website to aid you in catching your prey.


After viewing this expert tutelage, beginning anglers will understand the “Peel, Pluck, Pause, Tap,” technique that will enable them to deliver a great cast. These four steps are easy to understand. You’ll see how to “Peel” the line, bringing it back towards you; “Pluck” the line off the water; “Pause” the line behind you in just the right way (because the back cast is crucial to enable the perfect overhead cast); and, finally, “Tap.” Much like how you hit a nail into a wall, the “tap” allows you to straighten the line across the water in just the right way. Timing is everything with the overhead cast, not effort or force, which is yet another point Simon explains in detail.


Thanks to Snowbee’s products and their talented “team,” anglers will learn the art of the cast and raise their level of skill in no time.


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