More and more fly anglers are getting away from using indicators to fish the nymph rigs, instead try Euro or Czech Nymphing. You'll find that once mastered, this technique of nymphing is much more successful in detecting strike than most fishing situations using strike indicators.

A study conducted last year found that anglers were missing many, if not most, strikes by fish on their flies. Unless your indicator happens to be set to the exact depth of the section of stream, river or lake, you may miss many of the fish striking your fly.

If you are using the euro nymphing style of fishing wet flies properly, you will not miss as many strikes and eventually once you are accustomed to this style of fishing you will be able to feel every strike, bump and take that you encounter.

Utilizing a long fly rod, a 10' 3 or 4wt rod is perfect for most angling situations, Snowbee's Prestige or Diamond rods are available in both configurations, paired with a compatible Nymphing line and practice, your success rate will skyrocket!!

Peruse our selection of Fly Rods and lines that are perfect for the Euro or Czech Nymphing style and let Snowbee help you increase you angling success today!!


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