Chris Hunt from HATCH takes the Snowbee Prestige G-XS SW Fly Rod, newly developed for 2022, and accidentally lands a lemon shark with it in the Bahamas. Read the full review here to check out what happens next!

"Barracuda in sight, I made a false cast, loaded the fast and sturdy rod, and launched a nice cast over the mud and watched as the big popper plopped into the salt about five feet behind the target fish. I gave it a quick strip and the topwater fly gurgled oh, so sweetly.

I watched as the ‘cuda turned to glare at the fly. It didn’t give chase, though, and in a split second, I figured out why.

Off to my left, hidden perfectly in the shadow of the boat upon which Chad and Earl were sitting, an 8-foot lemon shark, also clearly lurking in hopes that one of us would hook a bonefish, moved on the fly.

'Strip it!' Jock yelled at me. 'Bring it in! Bring it in!'

But I was too late. The shark was on the fly, and I watched in both horror and awe as its big, olive-green head with a mouthful of razors erupted from the water and crushed the popper"



The Snowbee Prestige G-XS Fly Rod has proven to be so popular and so durable due to its space grade resin technology, that Snowbee has developed a saltwater fly rod version. 

Each rod is finished in a pearlescent electric blue, then fitted with two large SiX lined titanium stripper rings and hard chrome, saltwater resistant high-lift snakes to an over-sized hayfork tip ring. The reel seats display a space-age like finish, achieving the the lightest possible weight, from the CNC machined aluminum design and anodized to provide their characteristic satin sheen and corrosion proof finish. The butt extensions are tipped with a high wearing rubber cork composition and every rod possess the outstanding features now familiar with the entire Prestige G-XS range. 


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