Ultra-Light Gear for the Angler Wanting to Fish Soft Hackle Flies 


Soft hackle flies have been a part of the angling community for over 500 years, but what is the best gear to choose when taking on the soft hackle adventure? From 1 and 2 wt. fly rods to reel to ultra-light line that allows you to cast 80' with ease, Snowbee USA is the company to visit. Since 1978, Snowbee continues to produce world-famous fly fishing products that carry on the best traditions in angling gear, combined with modern day innovations.



When heading out for that soft hackle fishing day, the rods to focus on are many at Snowbee, but their Prestige G-XS Fly Rod is definitely the perfect choice. By using new Military Grade Carbon fiber and resin technology, precise action is achieved, and by being lighter and stronger, they have a tactile feel and casting accuracy that feels second to none. In addition, the range of rods has been extended to include some fabulous lighter line class, stream and brook rods. Lightweight aluminum reel fittings with a hard anodized silver/gold finish, the rods feature stunning burl wood inserts. And by coming in a wide range of colors and grain patterns, each reel is unique.   

Some of the features of the Prestige rod (which was the rod choice for accuracy by Maxine McCormick, reigning fly casting world champion) include: 4-piece ultra-lightweight carbon blank; fast action with high lift snakes for extreme distance casting; tri-modulus carbon technology, and more.

And when you want to fish light, it doesn’t get much lighter than Snowbee’s two new Ultralight models fitted with the European-style tapered handle, with burl wood collar, allowing sensitive control for precision casting. (7'6" #1; 7' #2)

Check out other Snowbee rods, including the Snowbee Prestige Lightweight River Dry Fly & Nymph series, focused on the ‘light line’ specialists who appreciate the need for sensitive control and extreme accuracy, with a feel to match. As well as the Prestige River and small Stillwater series that cover a myriad of fishing opportunities.

When it comes to the best fly reel for soft hackle fishing, the Spectre® Fly Reel choices are perfect. Ultra-lightweight, precision CNC machined aluminum reels, they are made from high-grade aircraft aluminum bar stock, with a unique design that removes the maximum amount of metal, while retaining optimum strength and rigidity, for ultra-lightweight and better rod/reel balance.

The third asset comes in the form of XS Delicate Presentation Fly Line DPF that will allow you to cast 80' easily. The Continuous Rear Taper (CRT) profile has surprised many, and fly casting on still waters has proved to be effortless with this line.

If you’re looking for that perfect lightweight gear to use with your soft hackle arsenal, head to www.snowbee-usa.com today!


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