Fall fly fishing in Montana is a favorite of both anglers and the expert fishing guides that know Montana’s sparkling rivers like the back of their hands. Depending on where you choose to start – whether it be Bozeman, Ennis, or Big Sky – you’ll find quiet rivers, cool air, solid hatches, and trout fishing that is rated “A+”, five-star, and “blue ribbon, championship” quality. Of course, every Montana native will tell you that by late-September, anglers need to adapt their fly fishing tactics to enjoy amazing success through October and November, as colder air and new hatches begin to take over.


It’s understandable you’d be so excited planning this fantastic journey that you’d forget a few things along the way. So the first thing to think about is grabbing one of those stellar fly rods that can only be found in the Diamond² series by Snowbee.

This top-selling series incorporates the most modern ideas in fly rod design with the very latest thinking in material creation. By utilizing Snowbee’s tried and true “Tri-modulus carbon” technology, these rods are fast, light and retain a crisp, middle-to-tip action. Sparing no expense, this series is also the best looking, best fishing 4-piece fly rods out there. Designed specifically for river and still water fishing, Snowbee also offers longer, lower line weight models for anglers who favor the lighter Eastern European and Czech nymph styles of fishing. Not only is the beauty timeless, learning about the features is like reading a menu from the very best restaurant: With high-quality cork handles, burl wood insert reel seats, lightweight, up-locking, anodized diamond design reel seats, high-lift snakes and oversize tip rings for effortless casting performance, these are just a few assets to look forward to.

Now that you have the right equipment and the trip is planned, you’re ready to go. It’s time to “get out of town” and live the dream that many have – fly fishing on the rivers in Montana in the fall.


The state holds many sights, sounds and rivers to choose from, but the waters of the Yellowstone River, Missouri River, Madison River, and Gallatin River are guaranteed to supply you with successful fishing all day long. One tip to remember is that once the cool air of autumn has arrived, those chillier mornings, afternoon hatches, and warmer evenings mean that the bite is best from mid-day on, especially for the dry fly fishing anglers. In October and November, the day gears up at around nine or ten a.m., but stays perfect until 6 p.m. or later. If the bugs are hatching, like the October caddis that’s been awaiting the autumn to begin its hatch and on the search for a great meal are trout, the Diamond²  10' 3wt. is the perfect rod for this type of fishing.

Fall is also one of the best times of the year to target the largest of brown trout in Montana. These predators become aggressive pre-spawn, and will move into more predictable, targetable lies. This is the perfect time to strip or dead-drift large streamers, because you can succeed in deeper waters close to the shallow gravel shelves in the various valleys around the state.

 The list goes on for phenomenal fly fishing opportunities you will have at your fingertips, just as soon as you see that “Welcome to Montana” sign on the side of the highway. Enjoy!

Gear and Flies for the Trip

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