Our first Golden Trout excursion this year started out on a a pleasant Thursday morning in the end of April, weather was beautiful. I and three friends drove up in separate cars and maintained good social distancing, we didn’t see anyone else in a 10 mile radius! Arriving at our destination, we rigged up and headed down to the water. Conditions were pretty close to perfect and I had high hope this would be a perfect day of fishing!! (little did I know how perfect)

Good conditions already this year

The fish were hungry!! and taking a variety of Dries and Tenkara Flies, I started out with my Snowbee Prestige G-XS 1wt rod (that I helped design!). For the first 3 hours I caught a fair amount of fish on just dry flies, everyone was having good luck with the dries.

My Snowbee Prestige G-XS 1wt

After the sun got high in the sky and the fish were more hesitant to rise to the surface, I switched to a Tenkara Rod (Dragontail Tenkara wanted to me to try out one of their newer rods, the Mizuchi, this was my first chance to use it, it fished very nicely, I was impressed!). With a Utah Killer bug tied on I proceeded for the next 5 hours to bring in more fish (let alone Golden Trout!) than I ever have in one day.

We spent 8 hours or so fishing, it was a very productive day. Everyone caught many Goldens, I caught my all time best record, 251 Goldens in one day!!! The fish were all stunning! Nothing nicer than a California Golden in its full color glory. On a side note, many creeks in the Golden Trout Wilderness completely dried up in sections during the recent bad drought we had in California 4-5 years ago, it’s nice to see that some of them have completely recovered in the past 3 years.

Just plain beautiful fish!

We were all very happy with the great day of fishing and vowed to return soon. A very successful day of fishing indeed!!

IF you would like to catch your first (or 100th) Golden Trout, I do offer Golden Trout Excursions to different areas of Golden Trout Wilderness for all 3 species of Golden Trout in their native locals. If you’re working on your California Heritage Trout Award, I can help! Drop me a email at: frank@goldentroutdude.com if you would like more information. Cheers!!


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